"Is there a logic to be found in every painting and in every work of art, a design pleasurably acceptable to the intelligence, details gathered unerringly, in a coherent, rounded arrangement?—and is there that which moves a person, stirs him in no confined way, pervades him with the serenity and discontent of reality, brings emotion to him and causes it to be in him?" - Eli Siegel

I've found through photography the opportunity to be me. To show the world what I believe is real, true, and artistic. I want to show people a new way of being human. Everyone is unique in their own way, and I want to provide documentation of those differences; the fun, the spirited, the love of being alive. 

My love for photography grows each day, more so now than ever. There is no limit to what we can do when we stay positive.

Specializing in Concert and Event photography, contact me for more details.